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Are you looking for Gearbox Repair for your vehicle?

At J&Q Auto Repair, we offer gearbox repair Radstock for manual and automatic transmissions at the most affordable price range. Further, we offer this service for almost every vehicle make and model and ensure the most accurate results within the shortest waiting time.

What are the factors that lead to gearbox damage?

The gearbox system tends to malfunction due to the following reasons:

  • Using the wrong gear for a particular speed
  • Resting hands on the car’s gearstick
  • Keeping the clutch pedal pressed
  • Changing the drive modes without reducing the speed
  • Ill vehicle maintenance
  • Driving over potholes and lumps

What are the warning signs of a malfunctioning gearbox?

In case you face any of the following warning signs, make sure to opt for a gearbox repair Radstock from us:

  • Transmission fluid leakage from underneath a car
  • The engine light turns on on the car’s dashboard
  • Clunking and banging noise from the gearbox area
  • Unresponsive gears
  • Increased jerks while moving on smooth roads
  • A foul odour along with leaking transmission fluid
  • Difficulty in changing gears
  • Clutch drags
  • Gear slippage

Do not ignore these warning signs to maintain maximum safety and enjoy an uncompromised driving experience. Opt for our gearbox repair service and steer clear of further complications.

About our gearbox repair Radstock

Our team of trained mechanics is well-adept with modern gearbox mechanisms. They use advanced diagnostic equipment to identify the crux of an issue in a manual or automatic gearbox system. After this, we will offer cost-effective replacement solutions with the help of OE-grade spares and change the damaged component. These spares are available for all vehicle makes and models and render a long service life.

Hence, you can now stop searching for ‘gearbox repair services near me’ and come to us at Unit 24 First Avenue Radstock BA3 4BS.

If you have further questions, call us on 07894 402320 or write to Jqautorepairs@hotmail.com.

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